HOLLY WAFFLES is the lovechild of world-renowned street artist Bue the Warrior.
On his extensive travels painting colorful murals around the globe, Bue fell in love with the warm and vibrant culture of Mexico.
Fed up with the gloomy Belgian weather disrupting his creative process, Bue decided to permanently relocate to the sunny streets of Mexico City. Combining his newfound love for Mexico and his passion for Belgian cuisine, Holly Waffles was born.

Centering in Mexico’s rich creative scene, Holly Waffles offers much more than a variety of delicious Belgian waffles. Part waffle house, part concept store, Holly Waffles carries carefully curated items ranging from clothing to art books and art objects from brands such as Mexico’s own Tony Delfino and Belgium based Case Studyo.

TOYKYO is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Ghent, Belgium.
The studio was founded in 2006, born from a shared passion for striking visual culture.
Toykyo believes that creativity, optimism & originality are key elements in life and applies 
that same philosophy to their design work.
The studio thrives on versatility and is not afraid of diving in unknown waters. 
As image-makers, Toykyo enjoys navigating the blurred lines
between graphic design, illustration and set design. Being blessed to have worked with like-minded clients, Toykyo
 continues to search for new challenges and opportunities.
Their aim is to evolve, transform and transcend.

Over the years the love for beautiful objects has led Toykyo’s journey
along many roads and manifested itself in different forms, leading to the founding of highly acclaimed edition house Case Studyo.
The MMXVI HOLLY X TOYKYO Capsule Collection is a creative collaboration that bridges the Atlantic, connecting two cultures and reuniting old friends. The items of this capsule collection are flavored with Toykyo’s signature style graphics and infused with a hardcore love for waffles. The color palette boasts the Belgian tricolore while the imagery is heavily inspired by Mexico. This collaboration represents a true labor of love; for waffles, for both cultures and of course for each other.

TOYKYO x HOLLY. Desde Belgica con amor.

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